Moe Barakat, a globally recognized business leader and a newcomer to politics, offers a compelling story of achievement that bridges continents and cultures. As a first-generation American and a dedicated single dad, Moe’s story is one of passion and commitment to upholding the American dream for every citizen. He tackles challenges like immigration and economic stability head-on, aiming to introduce innovative and pragmatic solutions to security, fiscal responsibility, and safeguarding our fundamental freedoms. His journey represents a fresh perspective in the political landscape, both relatable and inspiring.


Holding a Masters Degree from Washington College of Law at American University, a Business Strategy Degree from Cornell University School of Business, and a B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration, Moe’s extensive education complements over 20 years of distinguished experience in business, policy, security, law, and economic development. This diverse expertise enables him to navigate and address complex challenges effectively.

Global Affairs

In addition to his commitment to domestic priorities, Moe possesses deep expertise in foreign affairs and foreign policy, with a particular focus on Middle East affairs. This knowledge and substantial international experience inform his nuanced understanding of global dynamics and the importance of enhancing the United States’ position on the world stage. Moe champions diplomacy and economic partnerships as essential tools for advancing American interests and promoting global stability.

Border Security

A cornerstone of Moe’s campaign is his strong stance on border security. He is committed to ensuring the integrity of our nation’s borders and addressing the challenges of unlawful immigration with firm yet compassionate policies that respect the rule of law while recognizing the value of legal immigration. By securing our borders, Moe believes we can better protect our communities, uphold public safety, and preserve the principles of fairness and opportunity that define the American spirit.

Economic Agenda

Central to Moe’s economic agenda is his determination to combat inflation and reduce the cost of living for American families. He aims to relieve financial pressures, lower taxes, encourage job creation, and secure sustainable economic growth through sensible taxation policies and regulatory reforms. His approach is designed to enhance citizens’ financial well-being, improving quality of life while maintaining fiscal discipline.

American Values

Moe’s campaign is rooted in a vision for a united America, where economic growth and national security serve as the foundation for freedom and opportunity. Having witnessed the power of American democratic values worldwide, he is dedicated to preserving and championing these ideals at home and abroad. With a unique blend of domestic and international expertise, Moe advocates for a prosperous, secure future for Maryland and the nation, prepared to address today’s economic challenges and strengthen U.S. foreign policy.